Sage One accounting and invoicing

Sage One Features

Sage One is a simple, web-based accounting solution that gives small business owners an easier way to run their business. Connect accounting, invoicing, project, task, and time tracking like never before. Since there is no software to install, you can sign in and use Sage One on any tablet, laptop, or desktop with internet access.

Simple Accounting

Stay on top of finances quickly and easily.

With Sage One, seeing the big picture is just a couple of keystrokes away. Quickly record your income and expenses into customizable account lists, then you’ll be able to easily generate reports—P&L, balance sheets, aged invoices—whatever you need. After that, it’s automatic; recurring transactions are matched and categorized, and payments that flow into your account can be applied against invoices you’ve created.

Bank Integration

Easily connect your bank account and credit cards in Sage One. Know where money is coming in and going all the time—in less time. Sage One integrates with more than 10,000 banks.

Business Dashboard

View your finances at-a-glance. The business dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye view of key activities from a single page. Quickly see what your team is up to and which areas need immediate attention.

Quick Reports

Simple, automated reports make life easier. Generate profit and loss reports, balance sheets, and aged invoice listings with the click of a button.

Sage One Simple Accounting

No credit card required.


Get Paid. Faster. Easier.

Getting clients is hard and takes time. Collecting your hard-earned money doesn’t have to be.

Sage One Invoicing automates and speeds up your revenue collection cycle. From finding the right customer billing information to creating an invoice through to tracking who’s paid and who hasn’t—is just a matter of a few clicks. And give your clients a hassle-free way to pay with PayPal™ or the Sage payment system1; they’ll thank you for it.

Invoicing your clients couldn’t be easier . . .
  • Money in hand. With faster collection, you can do more with your business.
  • Accuracy built-in. Quickly find the right billing information and send accurate invoices.
  • Stay top of mind with clients. Send email reminders on overdue invoices.
  • Time back. Cut the time it takes to process invoices down to a fraction.
  • Professionalism counts. Easily customize your invoices for a professional image.
Sage One invoicing and online payment
Online payment

Make it easy, and they’ll pay quicker. Give your clients a fast and hassle-free way to pay you—starting directly from your invoice—with PayPal™ or the integrated credit card service. Sage Payment Solutions1 offers a low flat-fee rate along with 2.70% per swipe plus $0.20; 3.70% for keyed-in payments plus $0.20.

Learn more about Sage Payment Solutions

Alerts and reminders

No more invoices’ piling up or late payments’ slipping through the cracks. Sage One Invoicing can alert you when a customer is late making a payment, and with a few clicks you can resend the invoice. You’ll always know what’s been paid and what’s overdue.

Need to just send invoices and track payments, without accounting?

Sage One Invoicing is available on its own; see pricing.

No credit card required.

Work as One

Include Your Whole Team

Sage One allows unlimited users. Invite and work with as many people as you need. We don’t charge for additional users!

Project & Task Tracking

Designate a dedicated workspace for projects and tasks. Create, review and track team activities so nothing is overlooked. Email reminders and activity logs make it easy to keep others in the loop, no matter where they are.

Time Tracking

Review due dates, estimate and monitor time spent on projects to stay on track. Billable time from completed tasks flows into invoices, making the invoicing process quick and painless.

Share Files

Sharing and collaborating is easier than ever. Invite anyone to work with you, assign tasks, share ideas, files, status updates, and feedback. They don’t even need an account to view and comment on files.

Invite your Accountant and Save Time

Maximize your time and eliminate the headaches by sharing information in real-time. Invite your accountant to connect with you in the cloud using Sage One. Sage One lets you easily work as ONE with your accountant or bookkeeper.

Find out more.

Sage One projects and tasks

No credit card required.

  1. Subject to approval and to Sage Payment Solutions terms and conditions. No setup fees. No integration fees. No monthly service fees. No incremental mobile fees.
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