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Time and Tracking with Sage Timeslips

Sage Timeslips makes it easy to capture more billable hours, increase profitability and productivity and deliver more accurate and timely billing to your clients. It integrates with popular accounting software, such as Sage 50 Accounting US and QuickBooks®, as well as Microsoft® Outlook and practice management solutions such as Time Matters and Amicus Attorney.

Sage Timeslips the recorder award 2014


Smart Time and Expense Entry

Make accurate and efficient time and expense tracking easy in Sage Timeslips. Use the Automatic Time Capture feature to automate the recording of time from multiple applications, including Microsoft® Office documents, Adobe® PDFs, web pages, third party applications and more. Sage Timeslips eCenter is an add-on product that provides web-based time and expense entry and tracking when you are away from your desk. eCenter is accessible on any device with a browser and Internet connection, including laptops, Apple® Macs, Apple® iPads, Android® Tablets or smartphones.

  • Voice to Text: Utilize voice recognition to enter details in the description area of free form text fields such as: slip and accounts receivable description, client in reference to, and notes
  • Activity list based on clients: Save time and avoid scrolling through activities that don’t apply to a client currently in use. This feature allows you to assign specific tasks and expense items to a client.

Intuitive Bill Generation

Sage Timeslips’ simple drag-and-drop customization makes it quick and easy to generate professional-looking bills. Industry standard electronic billing formats are supported, including LEDES 98B and Litigation Advisor. Billing administrators may choose if a slip requires approval before being invoiced to the customer and multiple billing arrangements for the client, such as hourly, flat, contingency, percent complete, and more, are available.

  • Water mark for Draft Bills: Eliminate confusion during the editing process of the billing cycle. Bills can be generated with a watermark on each page indicating a draft copy.

Simple Report Design and Customization

Sage Timeslips contains over 100 predefined reports designed to meet the needs of service professionals. Create custom reports and graphs or generate a detailed or summary report of every task performed in your organization. The intuitive report wizard walks you through the report set up, making this task quick and simple.

Complete Accounts Receivable and Retainer/Trust Account Management

Sage Timeslips Accounts Receivable invoice software allows for easy entry of bill payments and other transactions such as write-offs, credits, refunds, and funds transfers. Choose from many of the available A/R reports included with the invoicing software and link with popular accounting packages, including Sage 50. Define your own aging periods, allocate payments to timekeepers, set up discount rules for early payments, and more.

  • Payment receipts: When a payment to an outstanding invoice is applied, you now have the option of either emailing a payment receipt to your client or printing the receipt.

Sage Timeslips

Capture your organization's billable time with time tracking software from Sage.

Are you ready to capture more billable hours, increase profitability, and deliver more accurate and timely billing? Whether your organization records time through scribbled notes on a sticky pad or through limited time tracking in your accounting software, the challenges are the same: How do you know your company’s time is being captured fully and accurately?

Sage Timeslips is an industry-leading time and billing solution that has been satisfying service organizations for over 25 years—and it can help your company, too!

“We can compare the hours recorded against billable hours to see where we are losing productivity and work to improve it."
LaMonica Herbst & Maniscalco, LLP

Sage Billing Assurance

There's no better way to protect and extend your software investment than with a Sage Timeslips Billing Assurance support plan. In addition to ensuring your Sage Timeslips system works optimally, we are committed to helping you maximize your investment, by showing you how to take advantage of your system's full potential. That means being able to enjoy the automation of processes that save time, payroll hours, and costly errors—while also getting the most return on your software investment.

Billing Assurance Premium: The total support solution if you rely on Sage Timeslips to help you run your business. The plan includes unlimited access to our most tenured reps, online training classes, installation and upgrade assistance, Sage Timeslips Tutor, and more.

Billing Assurance Essential: The basic plan that is essential for every Sage Timeslips customer. This plan includes unlimited support and access to our online training workshops to ensure your organization has the resources needed to maximize your investment in Sage Timeslips.


Sage Timeslips

Sage Timeslips eCenter overview

Sage Timeslips eCenter gives in-house and remote computer and mobile device users the ability to generate time and expense slips over the web. 

Sage Timeslips

Sage Timeslips basics

Sage Timeslips billing and time-tracking software is easy to start and use, improves every step of your billing cycle and provides the reporting you need to succeed.

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