PPACA's Employer Mandate Delayed Again

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Lisa Zamosky interviews President Obama

Lisa Zamosky, WebMD healthcare reform expert and content author the of on-demand training available in the Health Benefits Explained library, recently interviewed President Obama.

The President answered your health care reform questions about rising costs of employer plans, why some plans have high deductibles, the Medicaid expansion, and more.

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PPACA's Employer Mandate Delayed Again

The Obama administration announced another delay in the requirement on businesses to provide health coverage to workers, giving some employers a reprieve next year while phasing in the mandate for others.

The administration had already delayed the implementation of the so-called employer mandate by a year, presumably pushing the requirements off until 2015. In a bow to business, though, Treasury Department officials have announced that the administration would not enforce the rules across the board next year. Instead, the administration will let employers with 50 to 99 employees off the hook in 2015. They'll be required to report on how many workers are covered but will have until 2016 before being required to cover full-time staff or pay a penalty.

Employers with 100 or more workers will be required to provide health insurance to full-time staff next year. However, the new rules will only require them to cover 70 percent of workers at first; and then 95 percent the following year and beyond. As before, companies with fewer than 50 employees will not be required to provide health coverage.

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PPACA's Employer Mandate Delayed to 2015

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PPACA's Employer Mandate Delayed to 2015

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