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About us

Sage provides small and midsized business software to 6 million customers worldwide.

We help businesses run better

Sage has 30 years' experience helping small and medium-sized businesses run better.

Sage North America, a subsidiary of The Sage Group plc, has offices in the U.S. and Canada and serves 3 million customers.

The Sage Group plc was formed in 1981 and now has offices on nearly every continent. Yes, we were a small and a medium-sized business once.

Our products

We're Sage about business software.

We manage accounting, ERP, HR, payroll, payments, assets, construction, and real estate. Our solutions travel with you or stay where you want us—in the cloud, on-premises, or both—giving you the freedom to work where you want. And our products are available for almost every industry.

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Our customers


Our customers love us; we love them, too.

We have more than 3 million customers in the U.S. and Canada. Our customers cover a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses. We support companies out of the home, small businesses with just a few employees, and larger enterprises that distribute across North America.

Our vision is to be recognized as the most valuable supporter of small and medium sized companies by creating greater freedom for them to succeed.

Our leaders

Our executives and general managers

All of our leaders have owned or been part of a small to medium-sized business and have deep roots in technology.

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Sage leaders

Our events

Sage Summit cannot be missed

We have events, like Sage Summit, that will bowl you over.

Network with peers, share ideas, get training, meet our employees, learn best practices, see the newest and coolest Sage features, and be entertained.

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Help businesses run better. Enable people to do what matters most.

Our corporate social responsibility

We give back to the community because Sage cares.

We give money and in-kind donations

Last year, Sage and its employees contributed financially to a number of organizations and relief efforts. We also gave 3,480 items in in-kind donations from food to toys to help local charities.

We give about 24,000 hours in time

The company gives employees one paid day to help their favorite charity. That's about 24,000 hours to make our communities better.

We're committed to helping customers

Sage has emergency procedures to help customers when they need it most. We'll help get your business up and running again as quickly as possible.

We give complimentary and discounted software to colleges and universities

We provide in-kind donations of complimentary and discounted software to a number of high schools, trade schools, universities, and colleges. Since 2008, we've given $1.3 million away in software.

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Sage has products that work anywhere, all the time. We're as mobile as you are.

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We're listening, reading, and watching.

You have your favorite way of communicating with us. Give us a shout out, your latest cat videos, or a question.

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