Sage has a business solution for every size Sage has a business solution for every size

With Sage, business runs better.

Keep track of customer relationships, people, cash flow, assets, and inventory with ease. Get business insight into your whole organization. It's just that simple.

Manage Your Entire Business

Convergence is here. Are you ready?

Some things should never be left to chance. And your business is one of them. Sage Data Cloud gives you the simplicity, access, and flexibility your business craves. We offer a full-spectrum of flexible cloud options that allow you to run your business at your pace, on your terms. And that equals success for you.

Data is useless if you can't access it. Sage's mobility offerings help business capitalize on the convergence of mobility and global access to data. Our products travel with you on your favorite mobile device keeping your business always within reach.

Accumulating data is the easy part. Using it effectively is the challenge. Today companies must be able to adapt from input to output. Sage is bringing Big Data to small and medium businesses, helping them connect a wide range of data sources and better visualize opportunities.

On top of developing innovative solutions that are easy-to-use and help solve your business challenges, Sage believes in surrounding what we offer with tangible resources, community and education. Sage has the expertise and solutions to help you succeed. It's downright delightful.

You can’t do that with software.
You can do that with Sage.

Over 30 years of experience and 6 million customers worldwide have taught us a thing or two about helping companies manage their business. See what they have to say.

Sage Success Story: Tanamera

Strong foundation

Tanamera Construction in Reno, NV, survived the Great Recession by focusing and adapting. Now they're thriving.
Duration: 1:14

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Sage Success Story: RE Suspension

It's love

The Enders family turned their love of racing, and each other, into a successful business: RE Suspension.
Duration: 1:45

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Sage Success Story: Alloy Polymers

A formula for success

Alloy Polymers uses Sage ERP X3 for, "... just about every process in our business."
Duration: 5:21

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Sage Advice

Sage isn't just software; we’re your trusted partner. And we have the insights, offers, and best practices that will help you start or grow your business.

Sage Advice: Be crazy

Be crazy

Barry Moltz—entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, and author—teases his upcoming session at Sage Summit. With a smile in his voice, he talks about how people have to be a "little crazy" to start a small business. He also addresses why some start-ups stall out and how to get them unstuck.

Sage Advice: Take charge

Women, take charge

If you're a woman looking to improve your career options, there's some advice for you: Take charge of your career.

Sage Advice: Mobility


Get the data as well as ideas on how your business can go mobile, too.

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