Sage ERP X3 Helps You Run Leaner.

Shorter product lifecycles. Rising customer expectations. Increased globalization. To overcome these critical pressures and protect the bottom line, manufacturers and distributors must transform the traditional methods of supply chain management and reduce operating costs. Sage ERP X3 is the answer. It’s the most flexible, adaptable, and cost-effective business management solution, providing the agility and insight you need to achieve operational excellence across your organization.

Bottom-Line Benefits

  • Reduce cycle times and get to market faster.
  • Ensure quality and cost control.
  • Transact globally with multi-currency, multi-legislation, and multi-language capabilities.
  • Improve sales and service with integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • Decrease inventory waste and write offs with accurate forecasting.
  • Reduce cost overruns with better business intelligence.
  • Handle the challenges of wholesale distribution, discrete manufacturing, and process manufacturing with ease.

Real-World Results

"The product is completely configurable to our business processes. Now we get more packages out the door with less staff."

Watch the Video Barry Gertner | IS Director | A.M. Leonard

"We know precisely what inventory we have available at any time. There is no longer a delay in recording activity on our work orders."

Watch the Video Bruce Emrick | Director of IT | Garland Industries, Inc.

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