Sage 500 ERP Helps You Rise Above the Challenges

Today’s manufacturers and distributors are caught between accelerating customer expectations, increasing product complexity and variety, and complex material management. Sage 500 ERP helps you rise above the challenges by synchronizing transactions across the enterprise—from sales and operations through the shop floor and distribution to finance. With a feature-rich suite of modules, it enables you to meet customer commitments and manage costs more effectively.

Sage 500 ERP gives you a competitive edge by empowering you to:

  1. Act decisively

    Make better decisions with real-time insight into shop floor and inventory activities.

  2. Improve agility

    Convert a quote, to a sales order, to a work order, to inventory, to picking, to shipping, to an invoice without data reentry.

  3. Run leaner

    Benefit from robust production, scheduling, inventory, and forecasting capabilities.

  4. Increase revenue

    Take advantage of powerful pricing tools for combinations of items, quantities, and customer types.

  5. Delight customers

    Maximize every customer interaction with integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and create profitable results.

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