Sales Tax

"Once Sales Tax is set up, everything else just happens behind the scenes. It’s fast, accurate, and a tremendous time—saver."

Steve Kane,
Controller, Albert Lee Appliance

Limit Your Sales Tax Audit Liability and Streamline Operational Processes

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Are you fit to survive a sales tax audit? Don't wait for an audit to find out!

Businesses that excel in today's economic environment know it is critical to streamline operational processes. Sales and use tax management is a critical area that your business may be overlooking. Learn how to automate sales tax collection, reporting, and remittance to reduce sales tax audit risk, reduce cost, and improve service. View webcast now!

Maximize efficiency by reducing the number of hours staff spend handling the sales and use tax process.

Attend our webcast to learn how sales and use tax doesn't have to be the pain point that drives up your administration costs and challenges. You'll see how your business can easily implement sales and use tax best practices to streamline tax management.

Attend this webcast and learn how Sales Tax can help:

  • Achieve full
    end—to—end sales tax compliance.
  • Automate manual processes
    involved with managing tax tables and updates.
  • Eliminate compliance holes
    associated with using a flat state rate or ZIP code-based systems.
  • Outsource all of your sales tax filing requirements.
  • Automate the paperless collection and management of certificates.