Point of Sale

"Enhanced our efficiency and allowed me to accomplish other much-needed tasks without additional personnel."

Summer Crest Winery

Increase Profits and Efficiency With Accounting—Integrated Point of Sale Technology

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The front end and back end of your business need real—time integration—get on it!

Point of Sale (POS) solutions make data flow directly into your inventory and accounting systems to give you the control you need to run your business more efficiently. Imagine your company with improved sale speeds, inventory management control, and heightened user-logon security to help you reduce data entry, streamline sales processes, and improve financial accuracy and cash flow. With our POS solution we can make this happen! View webcast now!

Keep track of sales and trends essential to your business.

Our POS solution delivers different ways to analyze and cross-examine sales data from any moment in time—from one shift to monthly, yearly, or multiyear trends. And all reports may be accessed from anywhere in the world using a simple Internet password: Just log onto your site and instantly view all data from one or multiple locations.

Attend this webcast and learn how Point of Sale can help:

  • Protect critical financial information more effectively.
    Define who can change prices, process returns, voids, and end-of-day reports.
  • Access data and applications from any location.
  • Gain greater control.
    Set inventory reorder points and automatically process credit cards to avoid manual errors.
  • Improve speed to market.
    Quickly implement product and/or menu changes. Price changes done in the back are instantly updated at the POS machines.
  • Enhance productivity.
    Eliminate processing purchase orders in one program, and then cut checks from another program.