Electronic Data

"I used to spend eight hours a day entering EDI documents, but once we started using the integrated EDI solution, it took me ten minutes and I was able to expand my support of the company into other business-critical areas."

Robin Huber
EDI Coordinator, CIPA USA, Inc.

How to Grow Your Revenue
by Leveraging EDI

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From customer purchase order to invoice in minutes!

With just a click, a customer purchase order is imported into your Sage ERP solution. From there, a series of transaction documents are generated and electronically sent to your customer. It's a win-win. Your customer has order confirmation, and you didn't have to manually enter the data. Don't miss this opportunity to streamline your order processes and realize your revenue faster than ever. View webcast now!

See how eliminating paper transactions helps you increase revenue and win large customers.

Opportunities to do business with large companies like The Home Depot, Wal—Mart, and Target abound! But one thing they demand from their suppliers, large and small, is electronic data interchange (EDI). EDI lets your Sage ERP business system communicate accurately with your customers' business system—and helps you avoid incorrect billing, lost documents, chargebacks, and slow payment.

Attend this webcast and learn how EDI can help:

  • Automate processes
    to save time and reduce manual errors.
  • Save time and money
    by reducing processing related costs—storage, paper, printers, ink, and more.
  • Improve trading partner relationships
    with faster transaction time.
  • Make your business more attractive
    to potential customers by matching your efficiency to theirs.