"I can look at one of our facility's income statements and find discrepancies instantly. Sage ERP Document Management has shaved an incredible amount of time from my financial review process."

Gretchen Griggs
Director of Accounting
Soteria Imaging Services

Increase Productivity, Streamline Processes, and Reduce Costs

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Bring control to your workflow!

Are you losing documents, running out of storage space, not getting invoices paid on time, or the cost of routing documents for remote approvals getting too high? Electronic document management interfaces with your business systems, bringing control to your existing workflow and effectively eliminating the need to file documents in large storage rooms. See how electronic document management and workflow control can help you establish best practices to improve communication with your customers and vendors and reduce costs—all while going green. View webcast now!

Stop spending time and money on storage. Go paperless!

By eliminating paper documents, you can reduce your time searching for documents, cut paper and storage costs, ensure compliance to privacy and reporting regulations, and drive social responsibility by helping build a green organization. Now is the right time to shift to a paperless organization. Learn how you can manage your business processes and not the paperwork with a document management and workflow solution.

Attend this webcast and learn how Electronic Document Management can help:

  • Electronically capture, store, and retrieve
    documents to reduce costs.
  • Eliminate file cabinets
    and form costs.
  • Streamline accounting processes
    for decreased monthly closing times.
  • Plus: Go green
    to protect our environment!
  • Automate routing and distribution
    of printed documents