Surveys and research

Data and hard facts.

Your opinions matter to us.

Regularly, Sage surveys our small and midsized customers to obtain opinions on issues that impact them—everything from the economy to best practices. After we collect it, we summarize it for you.

A clearer picture

Reading these surveys, reports, infographics, and other data will give you more information about what your peers think and how they run their businesses. Their opinions may give you ideas on how to run your business better.


By role

Mom's who own small businesses

Find out how mom's are making a big splash in business and at home.

Size of business

Small business advertising 2014

Small businesses everywhere need more local advertising.

Re-invention of small business 2013

Learn what small business owners are doing since the economic downturn and what they're doing to recover.

Small business financial capabilities 2013

This survey explores the current financial priorities of small business owners in the U.S. . . . and how Sage helps them succeed.

Mobile device information for small and medium-sized businesses 2013

Survey results on how mobile devices have impacted their businesses.

Hiring outlook for small and medium-sized businesses 2013

Industry specific

Read surveys from your industry.

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